The South Jersey Jazz Society presented a winter Jazz Legacy Series, featuring  interviews and performances from some of the elder statesmen of South Jersey Jazz.

The Legacy series is based on an interview /performance program we first encountered at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Many of our  Jazz Society members and music fans in general have a natural curiosity regarding the musicians who have entertained us through the years. We rarely have an opportunity to interact and learn about our local musicians. This series will combine an interview with musical interludes and a chance to meet the artist, and  ask a question or two.

How often have you wondered what inspired a musician and who their influences might be?  How did they get their start in music and what were their early experiences in the music world?

Please watch the wonderful videos captured by John Thornton for a fascinating look into how jazz is created and what makes these artists tick.

Stay tuned for more information about the next Jazz Legacy Series!

Sonny Troy
December 16, 2018 @ Ventnor Coffee

Teddy Royal
February 10, 2019 @ AAHMSNJ

Pete Chavez
January 20, 2019 @ Josie Kelly’s

Lois Smith
March 24, 2019 @ Josie Kelly’s

Admission is free, but free will donations will be gladly accepted.

For any questions, email